There are many ways to get involved in helping others and supporting church life. We always need volunteers: on Sundays, in the community and in our working groups.  If you'd like to get involved, please do get in touch - the more, the merrier.

On Sundays:

Welcomers - contact Saras Nadarajah, T: 245445, email: sarasnad@tiscali.co.uk

Counting - contact Chrissy Forrest, T: 256279, email: chrissy.forrest@hotmail.co.uk

Reading - Lynne Pamplin, T:779126, email: lynne.pamplin@gmail.com

Prayers - Lynne Pamplin, T: 779126, email: lynne.pamplin@gmail.com

Service managers - contact Nick Buckley, T: 892805, email: nick@nbuckley.net

Coffee - contact Jackie Boyce, T: 892680, email: pandjboyce@btinternet.com

Flowers - contact Jill O'Neill, T: 892603, email: steve_jilloneill@hotmail.com

Holy Dusters - contact Frances Morgan, T:849992, email: fmorganclan@gmail.com

In the community:

Winter Shelter - contact Nick Buckley, T: 892805, email: nick@nbuckley.net

Open the Book - contact Marj Francis, T:253598, email: marjoryfrancis@btinternet.com

Shooting Stars - contact Lee Buck, T: 07453 511181

Twiglets - contact Jenny  Hubbard, T:223033, email: jenny.waskett@gmail.com

Taylor Toddlers - contact Frances Morgan, T:249992, email: fmorganclan@gmail.com

Prime Time - contact Frances Morgan,T:249992,email: stjohnsfolkestoneprimetime@gmail.com 

Prayer chain - contact Tilly Ellul, T:245874, email: matildaellul@gmail.com

Working groups:

Social Group - contact David Donald, T: 240857, email: DavidDonald@talktalk.net

Communications - contact Alison Pemberton,T: 255221,email: alisonpemberton@hotmail.com

Mission Group - contact Linda Grieve, T:252130, email: lindajgrieve@hotmail.co.uk

Catering Group - contact Frances Morgan, T:249992, email: fmorganclan@gmail.com

Finance Group - contact Steve O'Neill, T:892683, email: wardensteve@hotmail.co.uk