Finding faith

Christianity is really very simple. Click here to see a three-minute video that explains it clearly.

Discovering Christianity in small group sessions  

Alpha Course – Tuesday 24th April to Tuesday 26th June

If you have never heard of, or experienced, The Alpha Course then you may wish to consider being part of ours this year!  It is an 11 week course where people can explore and find out all they want to know about the Christian faith in a safe, comfortable environment.  Starting with a meal, we then have a teaching session and after that break into smaller groups for discussion and questions (no question is too small, large, easy or difficult).  People at different stages of faith can attend, from atheists or people who are searching, to people who have attended church and been a Christian for years. If you feel you would like to be a part of this then please call or email Steve or Jo.  Tel:211037  Email: or

Confirmation  For adults who have been baptised the next step is to own their own faith and commit themselves to God’s church by being confirmed. We normally have an annual confirmation service, with a series of evenings together to explore what it all means, and how we can grow in our Christian faith. The Confirmation service may happen at St John’s, at another church nearby or in Canterbury Cathedral.

Bible reading notes  Contact Steve Dean in church on Sunday to discuss the different reading schemes and to arrange your subscription.